May 04,2017
    Celebrate the awards of the Best Council for its excellent work and progress in PHMC (PHMC Council Member)
    The celebration for Panchgani Municipal council awarded the best council for its excellent work and progress. Chief officer madam and PMC president Laxmi Karadkar being facilitated for our excellent work by the chief minister Honorable Devendra Phadnis. more
    September 03,2016
    Awards from amitabh bachan 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Awards from amitabh bachan for swatchh shahar. more
    April 19,2016
    C.O. Satkar 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    To Organize the Program of C.O. Satkar. Congratulate to C.O vidya pol given by best C.O purskar. all affice member ,phmc member present to this program. more
    February 03,2016
    Swachha Shahar Purskar 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    To give award for Swachha Bharar Abhiyan from C.M. Devdndra Fadanvis. give a swatchh shahar purskar to panchgani , all the member to present to this program. more