December 12,2017
    Forum of cities that segregate (PHMC Council Member)
    Was deeply honoured to take Panchgani to the Forum of cities that segregate held at Delhi . A forum formed for 20 selected cities of India by Centre of science and environment. Feels very proud our town Panchgani stands up for its work in Garbage Management. more
    January 25,2017
    Matadan Jagruti 2017 (PHMC Council Member)
    Matadan Jagruti program more
    December 07,2016
    Conference 7 Dec 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Confernce title is "sagregation on Source" Organised by panchagani hills station muncipal council. on dated 7 dec 2016. Conference on Capacity Building workshop on Dated 7 Dec 2016.All office member present on thise program. The PHMC C.O. Amita Dagade Patil And President Lxmi Karhadakar Presnt. more
    October 10,2016
    Apang pention yojana 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Apang pension yojana program. new scheam apang pention yojana give to a handicap person, this program organised in phmc hall and all people and member of phmc present to this program more
    August 08,2016
    Freindship day 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Celebrating friendship day 2016. All members are happy and to enjoy this program. All office member present to this program. more
    August 01,2016
    Communication with goverment officers 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Communication with goverment officer. communication with goverment officer on new concept and new ideas. more
    June 07,2016
    Tree plantation 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Tree plantation for healthy life and healthy oxygen to human. more
    March 23,2016
    Lets speak out 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Organise a progrm lets speak out. S.P. Mr. abhinav deshamukh present to thise pgrrogram. more
    March 22,2016
    Arthik saksharata melava 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    August 26,2015
    Cricket turnament phalatan 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    participate in cricket turnament in phalatan. more