February 01,2018
    Yes we are ready. (PHMC Council Member)
    Panchgani Hillstation Municipal Council is doing its best to make Panchgani the cleanest town in the country. Let us all take efforts to make this happen. Please like, share and spread the word. more
    January 27,2018
    To give cloth bags free of cost to each tourists (PHMC Council Member)
    Three days of holidays so a long weekend. Lots of tourists in Panchgani. The council decides to give cloth bags free of cost to each tourists requesting them not to litter on the road . Each one is explained by our representatives the importance of cleanliness. An excellent response from tourists wh more
    January 23,2018
    Today 2000 school Children with the Panchgani Municipal Councillors and staff picked up plastic from the streets (PHMC Council Member)
    Today 2000 school Children along with the Panchgani Municipal Councillors and staff picked up plastic from the streets . This is the final finishing touches to our clean Panchgani. Yes we are prepared for Swachh sarvikshan 2018 . Proud to lead Panchgani town where every citizen is so actively involv more
    January 16,2018
    Congratulations all tableladers !!! Proud of you ! (PHMC Council Member)
    Today all the Tableland shopkeepers voluntarily kept their shops closed to clean Tableland . 200 people took efforts to clean the plateau. It’s a honour to be President of Panchgani where the citizens feel the town is more important than their personal business. Congratulations all tableladers !!! more
    January 14,2018
    One more step towards greener and cleaner Panchgani (PHMC Council Member)
    Today we send our shredded plastic to our road contractor to mix with tar which will be used to make our roads .Last year we experimented using plastic in tar and the results were amazing. The road made using plastic has not a single pot hole . This year the Panchgani Hill Station Municipal Council more
    January 04,2018
    स्वछता की ज्योती जागी हैं (PHMC Council Member)
    स्वछ सर्वक्षण २०१८ स्वछता की ज्योती जागी हैं पांचगणी गिरिस्थान नगरपरिषद , पांचगणी स्वछ शाळा , स्वछ रुग्णलाय , स्व more
    December 27,2017
    Citizen preparedness for swachh sarvekshan (PHMC Office Barriers)
    citizen preparedness for swachh sarvekshan. Hon. Mayur Vora , owner of the Mapro today visited the panchgani office . He showed lot more interest in Sarvekshan activities on field. more
    December 24,2017
    Opening of E toilets at the shopping centre at Panchgani (PHMC Council Member)
    Opening of E toilets at the shopping centre at Panchgani . Self cleaning toilets which were required for tourists at Panchgani. Insert a Rs 5 coin and use a clean toilet. Today a number of tourists used this toilet and we had satisfied feed backs . Taking Panchgani a step ahead towards our Swachh sa more
    December 03,2017
    Finished 10km ravine run mountain marathon with special cause Swachh Panchgani. our brand ambassador Haji Amin for Swachh Sarvekshan 2018 is the dyanamic leader at this occasion. This is the crucial activity in I Love Panchgani Festival where council is co partner . We used this platform for Swachh more
    November 27,2017
    New Era High School visited for the Swachh Bharat (PHMC Council Member)
    Today the students from New Era High School visited the Swachh Bharat Point in presence of President of Panchgani, Ms Lakshmi Karhadkar and team, where President gave information about how solid waste management system works and the process involved in it. And also guided students about the importan more