Panchgani Hill Stationi Municipal Council

    January 26,2016
    Republic Day in NP Office 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Celebrating republic day in panchgani hill station muncipal office. all the staff memebr,phmc member, present to this program. more
    January 26,2016
    Republic Day stadium Program 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Program on republic day more
    October 02,2015
    Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2015 more
    September 23,2015
    Public toilet service 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    opening a public toilet service to in panchgani more
    August 26,2015
    Cricket turnament phalatan 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    participate in cricket turnament in phalatan. more
    August 15,2015
    Independence Day 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    15 aug 2015 Celebrating independence day 2015. all the office member, phmc member, students present on this progrm. Celebrating with flag hosting. more
    May 16,2015
    Town Hall Opening 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    To Organize the program of Town Hall Opening all office member and PHMC member present to this program. more
    May 01,2015
    Maharshtra Din 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    Celebrating Maharshtra Din 2015. All the office member and PHMC member present on the program. more
    May 01,2015
    Maharshtra Din NP Office 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    Celebrating Maharashtra din 2015 at NP Office. All the office member and PHMC member presnet on thise program. also celebrate the with flag hosting. more
    April 14,2015
    Ambedakar jaynti 2015 (PHMC Council Member)
    Celebrating Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakar Jayanti 2015. all phmc member office member people students presnt to this program. and celebrate th dr babasaheb ambedkar jayanti. more