August 01,2016
    Anudan vatap for IHHL 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Swachta Bharat Abhiyan
    A Program Anudan Vatap for IHHL On dated 1-8-2016. This program can take the Anudan Vatap by President of PHMC council Lxmi Karhadakar. more
    August 01,2016
    Communication with goverment officers 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Public Program
    Communication with goverment officer. communication with goverment officer on new concept and new ideas. more
    June 15,2016
    Jalana nagar palika visit 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Jalana nagar palika visit to panchganimuncipal council more
    June 07,2016
    Tree plantation 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Public Program
    Tree plantation for healthy life and healthy oxygen to human. more
    May 04,2016
    Governer of maharastra visit to PHMC (PHMC Council Member)
    Governer of maharastra visit to bel-air hospital and collage of nurcing panchagani.he got the information about, about hospital and nursing collage. and give a best wishesh to future. more
    April 19,2016
    C.O. Satkar 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    To Organize the Program of C.O. Satkar. Congratulate to C.O vidya pol given by best C.O purskar. all affice member ,phmc member present to this program. more
    April 18,2016
    Delhi commitee visit to phmc 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Delhi commitee visit to panchagani hill station muncipal council. commitee got survey about panchgani hills station muncipal council. more
    March 23,2016
    Lets speak out 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Public Program
    Organise a progrm lets speak out. S.P. Mr. abhinav deshamukh present to thise pgrrogram. more
    March 22,2016
    Tahasildar mahabaleshwar visit to PHMC (PHMC Council Member)
    Tahasiladar mahabaleshwar visit to panchgani muncipal council. he got the information about panchgani muncipal council. more