December 23,2016
    Hydrabad muncipal counil visit 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Hydrabad muncipal council visit to PHMC. got the information about panchgani and feel very happy about development growth. more
    December 07,2016
    Conference 7 Dec 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Public Program
    Confernce title is "sagregation on Source" Organised by panchagani hills station muncipal council. on dated 7 dec 2016. Conference on Capacity Building workshop on Dated 7 Dec 2016.All office member present on thise program. The PHMC C.O. Amita Dagade Patil And President Lxmi Karhadakar Presnt. more
    October 30,2016
    Gandhi Jayanti Rally 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Cultural Program
    Gandhi Jayanti Rally more
    October 10,2016
    Apang pention yojana 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Public Program
    Apang pension yojana program. new scheam apang pention yojana give to a handicap person, this program organised in phmc hall and all people and member of phmc present to this program more
    October 02,2016
    Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Cultural Program
    Celebrating mahatma gandhi jaynti 2016. president laxmi karhadakar, C.O Amita dagade patil, office member phmc member present to this program. and also present the school student. more
    September 29,2016
    Shahid Javan Shradhanjali 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    To attend program of Shahid Javan Shradhanjali. president laxmi karhadakar all member and office staff and people present to this program. more
    September 08,2016
    Solapur commitee visit to PHMC 2016 (PHMC Council Member)
    Solapur commitee visit to panchgani muncipal council. All member of solapur commitee got the information about panchgani muncipal council. they visit all the points of panchgani muncipal council. they become happy about PHMC development growth. more
    September 07,2016
    Vaiyaktik souchalay (PHMC Council Member)
    Swachta Bharat Abhiyan
    Checking vaiyaktik souchalay. more
    September 06,2016
    Road development Bhimnagar (PHMC Council Member)
    Organise the road development shubharambh in bhimnagar. PHMC president Laxmi karhadakar, C.O. Amita Dagade-Patil Pesent to this program. more